Casino Prize Wheel Gambling Fun

While roulette wheels are illegal to operate without a License, having fun (or FUNd- raising) betting on a Prize Wheel is permitted.
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              This 'Casino Pack' is $45 to rent.
So on top of the Casino Prize Wheel rental the total to pay is $200.
Our RED CASINO PRIZE WHEEl has the same numbers/wedges as Crown Casino, but with half the amount ie 26 wedges to play with. This Casino layout is designed to WIN. It's designed to MAKE A PROFIT while the crowd has a fabulous exciting time.

Of course a decent quantity of spins/bets is required for the ODDS to come into play. The odds will have spins land on $1 most of all, then on $3 as next most common, and so on. The 'big bets', no 23 or 47* are hard to win, but it's such fun trying your luck......which is why Prize Wheels are so profitable in Casinos.

Yes, some people will go home where they 'break even' ie win their money back, or a little more or less, some will go home with all play money spent, and some will go home with MORE money in their pocket! Money well spent while sharing some good fun, especially for a FUND-RAISER. Which is more appealing? Drop a donation in a collection tin, buy a raffle ticket, or have a great the name of a Charity!

Note: You can opt to lessen the value of the 'big bet's - no 23 & 47 - to be worth something special but of lesser value, other than cash, which would further enhance the profits that can be made.
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FAKE money is used in the betting board.
One idea for a great party is to have all guests pay say $25 each to enter. Remember this could have been a cash donation to a cause/fund raiser, but instead it's for a good night's fun!
Each person receives their chips, which are best in low denominations/value, so the players dont go crazy placing big bets in a big hurry, and run out of play money.
Also, there is a chance that no. 23, the biggest win, could come up at the beginning which means there is more potential for the house to lose if luck would have this unlikely number jump in early.
This not an issue IF the wheel is to be played repeatedly. For example if only 25 spins were had the whole night, and most people were willing to risk their money/chips for 'the big fish' by betting on the highest odds, no 47, the house could be unlucky and lose for the night.
ODDS need to be played out for the odds to show themselves as true statistics.
Remember, Crown Casino doesnt have a Prize Wheel for the fun of it; it makes the bucks.

You can also choose to set MAXIMUM value of a bet per player per spin, say $3 for example, which limits the size of payouts by the house. This also spreads out the number of spins before some people run out of money/chips. This is about fun, why have it all over in a brief time anyway?
Have lots of spins, and you have lots of profit. And lots of fun!
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Place your bets!
On a table, you lay the cloth supplied, then the betting layout sheet, then the acrylic cover. Ready to play! Players put their identifiable chip/s on the starred area, Dealer calls for last bets, then spin and pray to win!
We have LOTS of chips, many varied styles, colours, including with dollar value markings.
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When the night is over, people with remaining chips cash them in with the Dealer, to take home some of their $25, or a bit more than $25, or take home a juicy profit well over $25. Everyone takes home some good memories! And your chosen charity WINS!
Use the secure cash box for the money, for easy exchange of cash for tokens/chips. Rules of play are simple and straight-forward; check them on the link below.

Depending on your plans, you may choose to deduct the rental cost for the Casino Prize Wheel from the House profits, which leaves the balance as the true net profit to donate to your cause.

Bear this in mind if you're have a fab party, not a fund-raiser, the $25 admission, and the ensuing gambling, can PAY FOR YOUR PARTY! Or at least pay for the Prize Wheel hire, and/or the food/drinks! The host is not out of pocket in this case.