Fortuna Prize Wheel

Examples of Customization


Use our word document as a template to print your 'labels', where the size, font, and colour are pre-set for a quick job.

Using a cardboard template, laminated paper was cut into wedges that can be written on with marker pens (which can also be rubbed off.)

IMG_7601 d small.JPG

An example using our ready made vinyl wedges.

Do as some customers do, and get a single large circle printed in thin cardboard, at Officeworks and the like.

A good design can display your logo, products and colour scheme very well.

IMG_6819 fortuna prize wheel.JPG

A rough example of how to add your own special 'labels'. Here I've just printed an image from Bunnings web page, (which is a bit dull). Being placed on big wedge areas means that (low value) prizes are won more often.The black wedges can be for extra special prizes.