Thinking of buying a cheap factory-made imported  prize wheel?

You get what you pay for, and a lot of that is import fees, costs, shipping, and middlemen profit, so be sure what is important to you.
At Sun and Fun Floss, our solid timber wheels are hand-made, and very sturdy and stable. It is very hard to knock one over, or be blown over in the wind.
Health and safety is very important, so if someone should trip on the wheel base, it’s good to avoid toppling equipment. Thin, light metal poles (like we find on cheap gazebos) or plastic bases, that are found on the factory made wheels are not the safest. See example here.


On inferior wheels the spinning action is more
brief and finishes abruptly, and the customising options, if any, are cheap materials (especially the write-on surface ones) which don’t last very long.
For quality materials and design, professional high-
end hub parts which operate beautifully; and
for multiple ways to customise the wheels if
desired, our Prize Wheels can’t be surpassed.
Buy cheap, buy twice.