How to Customise our Prize Wheels (in-home)

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IMG_6878 fortuna with big wedges without

With any of the Prize Wheels, it's basically about tracing and cutting card-stock paper to suit the wheel, in new colours, shapes and design you prefer.

By doing this, you can also change the NUMBER of wedges on the wheel, as well as have some control over which wedges are harder to land on, while others are easier to land on.

Good for dangling a nice juicy prize, harder to win, to draw the crowd.


We can supply details after you book your wheel, to show a fast, easy, and economical method to customise your wheel. You can see many examples of this with each prize wheel page.

If preferred, you can have a design created by a graphic artist, which is a complete new 'overlaid cover' for the wheel's wedge area. This is then printed in one single piece on card-stock by Officeworks and the like. Talk to us about having your custom overlay created by us to suit your chosen prize wheel.


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You can opt to use our ready made printed vinyl wedges, which are generic. You can display the relevant special prizes eg 1st Prize, 2nd Prize, Jackpot etc on a nearby list.


Also see our simple prize board displays, or chalkboard signs on mini easels.


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The centre hub of the prize wheel is a very good place to advertise or promote.

Again, by cutting a circle of paper, you can attach your logo, web address or image. Even cut glitter, silver or gold circle.

Theres nothing to stop you using say birthday paper for your wedges eg for a baby shower party. Will it be a boy or a girl? Or maybe Christmas paper...you get the idea.


Use our glitter stars to jazz it up, maybe for the big prizes. Use our adhesive numbers in silver or black/coloured glitter. Use our Prize Wheel wall plaque signs, and maybe a small sign post to announce the fun. A bit of bling is the go!