Fun for Fund Raising

easy, simple ways to make money with our Prize Wheels
You are busy with customers, so we've worked out a scheme that doesn't take too much time and effort. 
Copy of Christmas fun for your customers!B (Postcard).png
With just 13 spins over 4 hours,
ie every 20 minutes, this example shows how much money you can make for your Club or Charity.
See example plan here, using Christmas bling for a day's fun at a Hotel.
Of course other images, or words,  can be used on our customizable wheels.
All can be varied to suit you, but here we have an example custom layout that spells out the sums, where a profit is virtually guaranteed - unless you dont have many customers and/or spins to make it work.
The images represent a prize, the glitter stars represent a minor prize, like a small chocolate treat.
The plan is to sell raffle tickets (every 20 mins), then draw the winner - who has the chance to spin the wheel (or a staff member spins the wheel). He/she wins the prize it lands on.
Whether decorated for Easter, Australia Day, a particular Charity etc, a Prize Wheel is very captivating, and can promote you or your message very well.
20211113_172149 (2).jpg
Remember: This is a fund-raiser, not everyone can win - just like a typical raffle for one prize. This way of 'donating' $2 is so much more fun, therefore more likely to have people join in.
Based on the example scenario shown below, on the Spin Score Board (a random estimate of what could be expected without huge crowd participation.) It could be more ticket sales, it could be less....of course the greater the Prize Pool, the greater the interest.
20211106_160958 (2).jpg
A small notice board is placed by the prize wheel, and/or on the bar. Easy. Simple.
Display another sign saying: buy a raffle ticket (for $2) for a chance to win    in the next spin, and also nominate your Charity.
A second display for the bar or beside the Prize Wheel. The Score board. Customers can pay at the bar when ordering drinks etc, as well as see the 'score' and what's happening....
...The time of the next spin.... the number of 'competitors'/chances for a winning ticket.... which number wins the prize.... it's all there to excite and invite customers for a chance to win.
And everyone loves to win; everyone loves something for free - agreed?
20211226_141928 (2b).jpg
20211117_133859 (3).jpg
Display a sign to advise the conditions.
Don't forget this is just an example; it's your call.

Maybe you don't want the above raffle ticket fund raising? Maybe you want to have a selection of major and minor prizes on your prize wheel, to land on and be won by someone? Like a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and even 4th prize? But you want to ensure a profit, or at best, no loss? This can be long as there are a good number of spins for the odds to play out, the right cost of the prize, and the right cost to play.
small prize board 2.JPG
small prize board 4.JPG
$9.50 to rent
prize wheel sign 2.JPG
Prize wheel sign plaque, very light weight. Just a piece of blu-tac will attach it to a wall etc. Or hang from the back. Stick our gold arrow on it, to point the way to the fun.
try your luck b.png
All eyes are on the prize wheel - use it to advertise and promote.
20211221_170506 (2).jpg