rent prize wheel 3.JPG

Blue Wheel of Chance

Examples of Customization

rent prize wheel 3.JPG
IMG_2374 prize wheel example wedges.JPG

Use our word document as a template to print your 'labels', where the size, font, and colour are pre-set for a quick job.

IMG_2244 blue wheel paper rainbow wedges.JPG

For even more colour, wedges have been cut out to take the printed labels.

blue wheel vinyl wedges 2.JPG

Some examples of the READY MADE VINYL WEDGES you can use at no cost.

IMG_2881 blue wheel with lights 5.JPG

The lights will start glowing at dusk, before dark.

IMG_2485 prize wheel.JPG

Why not entice the crowd by attaching small prizes directly onto the Prize Wheel!?

IMG_4504 wedges crop email.JPG

Too easy! Cut out some silver card for a nice touch. Or maybe your club/business colours or logo.

prize wheel 2.JPG

If you dont want the numbers, just cover them up with some paper or card. Or use them in a 'list' to indicate what prize is allocated to each number. eg All even numbers win this, and all odd numbers win that (or lose).