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  Prize Wheel

IMG_2054 prize wheel close small.JPG

Examples of Customization

red wheel with ready wedges.JPG

Use our word document as a template to print your 'labels', where the size, font, and colour are pre-set for a quick job.

custom wedges 7 small.JPG

Using a cardboard template, laminated paper was cut into wedges that can be written on with marker pens (which can also be rubbed off.)

IMG_2054 prize wheel close small.JPG
RED 2InkedIMG_2458b_LI_edited.jpg

Using one cardboard template, easily cut out wedges to cover the numbers, where you can add your 'label' or number.

KFC artwork.JPG

Do as some customers do, and get a single large circle printed in thin cardboard, at Officeworks and the like.

A good design can display your logo, products and colour scheme very well.

RED 2InkedIMG_2458b_LI.jpg

One of our free sign plaques, to use for display.

red wheel with ready wedges.JPG

Some examples of some of the READY MADE VINYL WEDGES you can use at no cost. It's one way to easily cover the numbers if you dont want numbers.

We also have optional adhesive numbers which you can use, eg 1 - 26, in black, silver, or glitter. Or say, 1 - 13 numbers, plus 13 wedge inserts for something else. Eg a losing shot, or or low value prize like a chocolate.

Maybe that's why these wheels were sometimes referred to as 'Chocolate wheels".

BAInkedIMG_2462 (2)_LI.jpg

Simple and fast, customer wanted just a few good prizes, for the lucky few.

If you dont want the numbers, just cover them up with some paper or card. Or use them in a 'list' to indicate what prize is allocated to each number. eg All even numbers win this, and all odd numbers win that (or lose).

Use as a real Casino Prize Wheel (it's legal!) The odds are 99% the same as the Big Wheel in our Casinos! So, it's set for the 'house' eg the 'fund-raiser' to come out winning! If you like we can supply the FAKE money for the wheel for enticement....everyone loves to win cash.